Adrenaline is a mission in Watch Dogs: Viethacking


Tran Thu Duong is resting in his suite in Landmark 81 at night. Suddenly, ... The HCMCPSD  invades the building. Attempts to finding Tran Thu Duong to arrest him for his drug and weed trafficking with Syder Adams.But lucky, Thu Cam Phu saws them coming and calls Tran Thu Duong and warns him. The phone ringing wakes up Tran Thu Duong and Tran Thu Duong is warned by Thu Cam Phu that cops are coming to arrest him for his drug and weed trafficking with Syder Adams. Thu Cam Phu thens order Tran Thu Duong to hide from them. Tran Thu Duong then gets out of bed and take cover behind the wall. One of cops kick the door open in his suite. Finding him. Tran Thu Duong are then spotted by the cops. However, he manages to kill them all, despite being outnumbered. Tran Thu Duong then receives a last call from Thu Cam Phu, informs him that he lefts a parachute for Tran Thu Duong on the top roof of Landmark 81. Tran Thu Duong then mades all of his way to roof while still fought the cops blocking his "way". He eventually got to the top and grab the parachute. Then parachuting safely to the ground of District 1. As the mission end, Tran Thu Duong then calls Huu Cam Phu to thanks him 


  • this mission originally mainly took place at Dawn
  • It's impossible to get out of your suite interior without being spotted by cops, meaning "stealthy" is not impossible in this mission