Boatyard Sabotage is a mission in Watch Dogs: Viethacking


Tran Thu Duong arrives at Huu Cam Phu's house at night and Huu Cam Phu informs him that he hates Thu Thiem Mafia very much, and is really needed to reduce their "Business". Huu Cam Phu really find a way that is to blowing their boatyard out. Tran THu Duong then drives himself and Huu Cam Phu to Marina District 1 and then gets in a boat. Tran Thu Duong as the passenger of the boat while Huu Cam Phu as the pilot of the boat. Huu cam Phu thens brings Tran Thu Duong to boatyard. Giving him CTOS bombs to blowing the boatyard out, and then leaving Tran Thu Duong alone here. Tran Thu Duong then places all CTOS bombs around the Thu Thiem Mafia boatyard while evade the Thu Thiem Mafia and then jumps to the water after planting enough of them. Then Denotates CTOS bomb, blowing the boatyard up. Tran Thu Duong then calls Huu Cam Phu to come back and pick him up. So Huu Cam Phu comes back in his boat and pick up Tran Thu Duong and pilotting him to the docks safely while watching Boatyard being explosived in a dramatic way.


  • the gameplay of This mission can be showed on the E3 2028 of Watch Dogs: Viethacking