Jason Hock (Vietnam: Anh Hoa Hai)is a minor character in Watch Dogs: Viethacking


Jason Hock is a Vietnamese. He wears the outfit that seems from The Bikers. Wears a glasses, having a beard. Wearing a red hat.He is 41-years old (judging by his CTOS profile if Tran Thu Duong profiles him)


He owns his big business that are known as Jason Hock's Heavy Gun Shop that Tran Thu Duong are able to go to it to buy any weapons that he want


  • If he is profiled. He will have these informations for his CTOS Profile:
    • Wanted by polices for heavy weapon smuggling
    • Age: 41
    • Outcome: 650,000 $
    • Occupation: Weapons Smuggling
  • He appears in a E3 video of Watch Dogs: Viethacking, along with his business.
  • He is scripted to be invincible and unkillable (due to fact that player can't draw his weapons when going to his shop) . He will not even react to cops shootout when Tran Thu Duong going to his shop while chased by polices. This was made by developers to keep his true fate "Alive" for all
    • However, if player is enough. They can experience a glitch that allows them to point their weapons inside the shop and shoot it around. However, Jason Hock is unkillable for all by Player's gun and he will not even react to player's shooting inside his shop (nor pulls out the shotgun to kill him for that)