Tran Thu Duong is the main protangoinst and playable protangonist of WD: Viethacking, he is grey hat hacker similar to Marcus Holloway and Aiden Pearce. He is also a vietnam super hacker 


Tran Thu Duong was born in Ho Chi Minh City on August 7, 2004.Tran Thu Duong is pretty neutral student when he was in school. He becomes a grey hat hacker when he is about 22 years old. His known best friends is Huu Cam Phu and Tran Van Thuong.


Tran Thu Duong is 25-years old slighty black man who wearing red shirt with black jackets and wears a hat with DedSec Vietnam Logo on it. He wearing black boots and red shocks

Melee weaponsEdit

  • He has 2 weapons, the one is the DedSec Vietnam Hatchet and Dedsec Vietnam Knife, that he got his gift from DedSec Vietnam gang nembers when he accepts to join the gang, the gang that serves as friendly faction through out the game